Marketing Manager
Los Angeles, CA

Although it wasn’t the main reason why I left New York, the opportunity to join Uber did light the fire. Up to that point, I had spent my entire career working with big corporate companies, so joining Uber in 2016 was a defining milestone that changed my professional mentality.  

Uber Eats was a fairly new business extension of the ride sharing unicorn. Mobile food delivery was also still an early concept. There was no blueprint on how to build the business, but we were expected to experiment, learn, and grow. And do it fast. 

The marketing fundamentals I gained from Time Inc. and Showtime served me well. I felt like I was hired to instill a more data-driven and refined marketing approach for Uber Eats’ Southern California team. And right from day one, I felt like I had total ownership and freedom. After learning SQL to rein the vast amount of data at my disposal, I proceeded to build. I crafted a comprehensive user acquisition and retention framework that served as the foundation for all our marketing efforts. I created tentpole campaigns like First Fridays and Eats Week that helped spike our sales. I developed promotions highlighting our restaurant partners that reached millions of people. 

My biggest gain from working at Uber Eats was a new mentality. Working with a startup is difficult. You have to be scrappy, flexible, and resourceful because you have to make quick decisions with very little tools. Most of all, I learn that exceptional teamwork can exponentially amplify results. What I’ve accomplished with my small Uber Eats team engulfed what my entire Time Inc. and Showtime orgs did. To look back and say that I help build Uber Eats into an $x million a week business will always be a highlight of my career. in