Time Inc.
Associate Marketing Manager
New York, NY

For a number of years, Time Inc. was one of the largest media companies in the world. It owned and published over 100 magazine brands, including some of the most iconic names like like Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, People, Essence, Entertainment Weekly, and InStyle. I joined Time Inc. in August 2014, a few months after earning my MBA from NYU Stern. 

I wanted to pursue a marketing career in entertainment and media, but honesty, Time Inc. wasn’t on my radar for potential employers. I was pessimistic about the publishing industry, as print media was in a major decline. However beggars can’t be choosers. As a career switcher, it was hard locking down a marketing role even with an MBA from a top tier school. I went through countless interviews only to frustratingly fall short. I just needed an opportunity and gratefully, Time Inc. was willing to give me a chance. 

Even though the company’s glory days were well behind it, Time Inc. was still a master when it came to marketing. You have to be if you’re convincing people to signup for magazine subscriptions. For a new marketer like myself, I learned the valuable fundamentals, those of which I still apply today. No matter your profession, if you lack a strong foundation, you’ll eventually crumble. I don’t think I would be where I’m at professionally if it wasn’t for my time at Time Inc. 

My experience also woke me up as a professional. Obviously, the print and publishing industry was in a downward spiral. It was extremely eye opening to witness how a company handled and reacted to adversity, and it made me more cognizant that I had to look out for myself in my career