Starry Internet
Marketing Director
Los Angeles, CA

Every career opportunity should serve as a building block for your resume. Working at Uber Eats has been the highlight of my career (so far), but I eventually hit a ceiling in terms of professional growth. The company, as a whole, was also going through its own evolution, refining its org structure in preparation for the IPO. I left in 2018 and joined Starry Internet where I was challenged to build both a brand and organization from scratch. 

Starry is a fledgling startup whose mission is to reinvent the internet. The internet service industry is archaic and desperately needs disruption. It’s dominated by a few humongous players who face little to no competition, which leaves consumers in between a rock and a hard place. It’s a true David versus Goliath story, but Starry aims to make the overall internet experience “happier” for everyone. 

The main carrot that attracted me to Starry was the chance to not only craft the entire marketing vision for a local market, but also build my own team. True management and leadership experience were still missing from my resume, so this should serve as that building block. From day zero at Starry, I’ve architected, iterated, and evolved an entire marketing roadmap, seeing our customer base grow 25% on average per quarter. 

The effort has been exhausting. With the company still in an early grassroots phase, Starry’s marketing capabilities aren’t what I’m accustomed to but that was expected. My biggest and most desired gain has been my growth as a leader. It’s not easy to manage a team through constant change. As the business evolves, my marketing team had to evolve so I had to teach and elevate. Even through the pandemic, it was on my shoulders to keep the team aligned and focused, while being empathetic.

Through this experience, I realized that really enjoy leading. Masters of their crafts aren’t only great because of the skills they possess, it’s also because they can pass on what they know. This is something that I will value with any new opportunities ahead.