Starry Internet

Starry Internet
Marketing Director
Los Angeles, CA

Every role you take in your career should enhance your resume. Understanding that I maximized my learning at Uber Eats, I evaluated where I wanted to take that knowledge next to achieve something new. This helped set a direction for my search to ensure I progressed. I wanted to, both, manage a team and have a greater say in the overall marketing strategy.

I had no idea what Starry Internet was until a former colleague suggested it to me. The company was a new internet service provider trying to disrupt the archaic internet industry.  Starry was launching its service to LA and needed a marketing lead. The greatest test for any marketer is to build a brand from nothing. Now imagine taking that test with a 1 inch long pencil with no eraser. Adding to the challenge, you have 5 minutes to finish 100 questions. To make it even harder, the quiz is graded on a curve and the other folks taking the test have all the answers already.

To be continued….


  • Architected marketing roadmap for early stage start-up, setting brand positioning, customer engagement, and subscriber acquisition goals; surpassed $X revenue in first year of operations
  • Analyzed performance data to uncover new growth opportunities across online and offline channels; initiated test and learn programs that grew subscribers by 25% each quarter
  • Leveraged customer feedback to develop brand assets that strengthened value proposition and adoption with new segments (i.e. families, gamers, content creators)
  • Prospected and negotiated paid media programs to accelerate awareness; monitored ROI to pinpoint most valuable channels and platforms
  • Hired and coached a team of 4 marketers; inspired a results-oriented culture that pushed LA to become fastest growing region in the company
  • Aligned with cross-functional stakeholders to communicate best practices, share results, and scale solutions; presented regularly to senior leadership on key metrics
  • Created models that forecasted marketing impact on different customer segments; derived actionable insights to reform strategies and improve marketing spend efficiency