Marketing Manager
New York, NY

Showtime was regarded as the #2 premium TV network. It’s had a solid collection of popular shows, like Homeland, Dexter, and Shameless, but they were usually overshadowed by buzzier titles from its main competitor (you can guess who). Through my internships, I realized that for such “sexy” industries, entertainment and media were really old school. This was obvious at Time Inc. and Showtime was another household name that’s been around. However, Showtime was evolving with the times and had just launched its new streaming service, a move that positioned the network at the forefront of where TV was heading. 

I was stoked to join the company because on paper, the opportunity was ideal. I got to work on the company’s shiny new toy, the streaming service, in addition to managing relationships with major tech brands: Apple, Amazon, Google, and Roku. They were all competing for the same streaming customers and wanted to use Showtime as bait to sell their hardware products.   

“You scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back”. The fundamentals of business will always be the same, even with new innovations. I learned how to simultaneously nurture partner relationships while creating value for everyone involved. This was a big contrast from my previous role, as it was more qualitative than quantitative. I occasionally struggled to play “the game” at Showtime, but the experience really helped expand my marketing breadth.

As sexy as the job sounded, Showtime was still a traditional entertainment company and it showed. You gain a clearer perspective of your career path with every stop you make and I was growing more and more enticed by more cutting edge organizations. On the personal side, I reached a dilemma, as the West Coast was asking me to come back. When things don’t feel “right”, don’t be afraid to take action.