Make Sure You Work On Your Own Goals


While browsing my LinkedIn feed for some interesting articles to relieve me of an increasingly agitating workday, I encountered a picture that summarized my current mindset.


“Don’t work for 8 hours for a company then go home and not work on your own goals. You’re not tired, you’re uninspired.”

I reread that message eight times, allowing my brain to absorb its significance. Over the last few months, my entrepreneurial itch has intensified, which has motivated me pursue a few side projects outside of work. This quote really resonated with me because it’s a genuine reminder of why I’m taking on this extra workload, especially if I’m not even getting compensated for it.

My full-time job pays the bills, but my side endeavors provide me with a valuable sense of satisfaction. They reflect what I hope to accomplish in my lifetime, allowing me to take matters in my hand to create something meaningful and doing it all on my own terms. Even after tedious days at the office, I look forward to diving into my “other jobs” because they provide a needed breather from my full-time gig

UNCVR is my biggest venture, as I’ve been dedicating serious time curating content, coordinating with my valued contributors, attending events, and formulating a plan to grow this brand. I’m also working on a couple marketing consulting projects. One is with Heart of a Thousand Hills, a non-profit that’s looking to raise $10,000 to build a new school in Rwanda. The second is for a friend’s startup that is aiming to launch its mobile app later this year. All of this is exhausting, but the thrill of building something from he ground up and creating value serve as powerful motivation. It’s stuff I believe in and innately connect with, and it makes me feel empowered. Plus, these initiatives will help me reach my ultimate goals.

I’m not the best person for professional or personal advice because I have some anti-establishment tendencies. I just hate the feeling of being controlled or regulated, especially by companies that don’t have my best interest in mind. I’m reminded of the line from Kanye West’s “New Slaves”:

“F*ck you and your corporation

Y’all ****** can’t control me”

Don’t use work as an excuse to avoid doing what you enjoy or being around those you care about. Even if you love your company and job, balance it out with some hobbies or non-related activities that excite you. It’ll probably make you love your job even more. Even if UNCVR somehow becomes an actual career for me, I’ll still find another side project to maintain a level of sanity because if it dominates too much of my life, it’ll probably end up hating it. It’s your life, make sure you find time to pursue your won goals.