As graduation loomed in 2007, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my career. At UC Davis, I majored in Managerial Economics, which was similar to a General Business concentration. I was really good with math and was interested in money, so I looked at potential entry level roles in finance. Unfortunately, Davis wasn’t a hotbed for investment banking recruiters, but it did get its fair share of accounting firms. My only knowledge of accounting at the time were the two classes I took. With limited options and the fear of unemployment breathing down my neck, I decided to apply to a few accounting roles.  

I eventually spent the first five years of my career in accounting, and I honestly have no idea how I endured it for that long. Being a quantitative person, the job itself wasn’t bad; I just hated the routine, formality, and lack of creativity. I eventually hit a breaking point where I couldn’t put together another P&L statement and decided to get an MBA to make a career change.  

Even if accounting wasn’t for me (people are shocked when I tell them I used to be an accountant), it did help me develop very important skills: problem solving, data presentation, deadline management, budget management, and most importantly, Microsoft Excel proficiency. It’s helped me establish myself as a marketer who can balance creativity with a strong analytical mindset.

Mutual Fund Accountant 

State Street

Walnut Creek, CA


Hedge Fund Accountant

CITCO Fund Services

San Francisco, CA


General Ledger Accountant


Los Angeles, CA