About Me, Rex Pham

Rex Pham

"Nobody built like you, you design yourself"​

  • Graduated from UC Davis
  • Mutual Fund Accountant, State Street Corporation
  • Hedge Fund Accountant, CITCO Fund Services
  • Accountant, Westfield
  • Launched UNCVR
  • Started MBA at NYU Stern
  • Earned MBA at NYU Stern
  • Associate Marketing Manager, Time Inc.
  • Marketing Manager, Showtime Networks
  • Marketing Manager, Uber
  • Marketing Director, Starry Internet

Hi, I’m Rex Pham. I’m a marketing leader, a brand builder,  a culture connoisseur, a social connector, and a master of none, among other things.

I always find it awkward when introducing myself to people for the first time. I don’t enjoy talking about myself, so my introductory small talk is lackluster. Maybe it’s humility, but I feel awkward when explaining who I am or what I’ve done. 

I have a hunch that this weird connotation spawned from work. I’ve been on way too many job interviews and those are just “dog and pony shows” where I’m trying to win acceptance. And in the workplace, people are constantly boasting about what they’ve done just to prove their worth. The loudest people are usually the weakest, so I prefer to make my statements through action, I’ve been fortunate enough to accomplish a good amount.

I made this website to share my narrative, weaving through the highs and lows of my professional journey. Additionally, it’ll serve as a digital hub for my perspective. I’m not trying to gloat, but we should be proud of the the stories that we designed for ourselves. Hopefully mine can serve as a good resource and positive example.